Dismas Songs 2013

by Various

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Original songs from the Drowned in Sound forum misfits


released December 25, 2013




Christmas Songs From Dissers Brownsville, Texas

All contributors are at least casual readers of the Drowned in Sound online forums and full of festive cheer.

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Track Name: Charlie's Hand Movements - Don't You Love Christmas Time?
It's that time of year again, when the turkeys know they're next
& the big man with the beard comes to town
& the stories are told 'bout many years ago
when Jesus, he was born inside a shed

gather round for christmas time
don't you love christmas time?
yeah, we love christmas time

& all over the world, little boys & little girls
are waiting for their stockings to fill up
& under the tree, that's where the presents will be
on the morning of the 25th day

gather round for christmas time
don't you love christmas time?
yeah, we love christmas time...
Track Name: Crabb - Colossal Sheets Of Ice
I'm as sombre as a colliery coat.
These tunes are a hundred years old.
I should be as joyful as a row of Christmas lights, but I'm too dumb not to think about you.

On long drives I'll analyse the winters past, 'til occupied with other things I can't resolve, like how robins predict the paths of old trucks on trunk roads on the last shift (heading home) and navigate deftly from branch to branch.

As I try to stay awake, glaciers shake and calve colossal sheets of ice.

Give me a little three-part harmony on a street at dusk, that's busy and lit tastefully, and I will sing along.

Angels are watching out on the roads, children are gathering snow.
So put on your winter coat - it's time to go home.

When we lost our feet on these frozen paths, it was so good just to hold each other up. There in the backlight, where the snow-filled clouds, dirty white, hold back the night.

Out at the edge of Antarctica, parts fall away, then they don't fit back together.
Track Name: Total Playtime - Total Yuletide
O'er the mountains & the moors
hear the angels calling
"Christ the saviour ere is born"
Here on Christmas morning
Be ye peasant, kings or lords
Come let thee adore him
All yr sins shall be absolved
Here on Christmas morning
All ye faithless or unsure
Kneel now before him
Accept him as yr only God
or spend yr Christmas mourning

Feel it in my bones
Feeling all alone
Feeling something's wrong
but I know its Christmas
Call you on the phone
Message at the tone
I know you ain't at home
but I need to fix this mess
£240 in my clip
But it don't mean shit
Motherfucking bitch
I'm alone this Christmas
Feel the silences
Echo through my crib
I don't feel rich
I guess this is kismet
I guess this is kismet time
Feel like Lazarus
I just can't get the rest
Wanna lie down in the dust
Taking care of business
Frogs & blood & locusts
& I'm losing all my focus
All alone

Christmas time w/ all the strangers
Fill the streets & see the manger
God & glory be our saviour
Hear the angels sing

Wish it could be a Merry Christmas
but it's just a sad Christmas day
Yes it could be Merry Christmas
If only I could kneel & pray
Boys don't cry

I thought I heard a voice
Calling out to me
Bliss was it in this
Dawn to be alive
Jesus took my hand
I know
Though I left the world I loved
I found a new place to reside above
& Jesus took my hand
& led me by his side
O' ye mighty hand
Lift up thine pearly gates
I'm here to see the world
I'm told, here awaits

My authentic self
Bathed in sin
Thrown into a world
& truth itself is
So I'll never see beyond
These worldly things
All I'm left with
Is choice
So I'll try in vain to be a
'Good boy'
& try & try again to
Time chained to this life
Near at hand
Is God
but difficult to grasp like his
Swift sword
Barely time to gasp
'Thank you, Lord'
Before he up and fucking died